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The 18th China Shanghai International Tea Expo 2022

Spring:May. 28-31, 2022/Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center/20,000m²
Autumn:Dec. 24-27, 2022/Shanghai Mart/8,000m²


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All kinds of tea

Green tea, black tea, green tea (oolong tea), white tea, yellow tea, all kinds of organic tea

Reprocessed tea

Herbal tea, antihypertensive tea, mingmu tea, extracted tea, concentrated tea, fruity tea, health care tea, instant tea, bag tea, tea food, tea health care products, tea deep processing products, tea drinks, etc

Tea products

Pottery and porcelain, purple sand, tea tray, tea cooker, tea washing set, electric tea set, glass ware, bamboo and wood ware, metal ware and so on

Tea packaging

Tea packaging design, tin packaging, metal can packaging, carton packaging, wooden box packaging, production and printing, packaging materials and packaging machinery

Processing machinery

Tea picking, planting, killing, color selection, preservation, baking, storage, packaging, testing technology

Tea technology

Tea weighing equipment, spraying code identification, anti-counterfeiting technology, fertilization technology, pesticide spraying, etc

Tea arts and crafts

Tea table, duan yan, mahogany, cliff cypress, tea furniture, tea gifts, root carving crafts, decorations and so on

Tea culture products

Aloes, tea service, Buddhism and zen, art porcelain, antique calligraphy and painting, tea culture books, tea audio-visual products, etc

Make tea with water

Tea ceremony water, mineral water, purified water, bottled water, direct drinking water, bottled water customization and water purification equipment

Tea circulation enterprise

Professional tea market, tea distribution agencies, tea houses, tea houses, tea bars, etc

Tea related institutions

Tea art training institutions, tea space design institutions, chain teahouses, Internet + tea, tea related product investment and financing institutions, tea tourism, tea culture and art exchange, tea media, etc

Chen xiang culture

Agalloch eaglewood (powder), sandalwood (powder), agalloch eaglewood/sandalwood carving, pendants, ornaments, beads, thread incense, sandalwood, pan incense, incense paste, essence, spices, incense bags, incense pillow and other agalloch eaglewood products, incense making machinery and raw materials

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